About The Blog

Hello! Here is a little something about me and about this blog too. My name is Morgan Pridy, Nice to meet you. I’ll save you the “I like long walks on sandy beaches” talk and get right to it. I’m an alpine ski racer and I compete for my country as a part of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. In short this is my passion, so although words such as Job and occupation do apply, I don’t feel they properly represent how I feel about skiing. Now, many years after starting I’m still working my hardest to become one of the world’s premier racers and this blog will take you on that journey with me… to some extent anyways.

So what kind of stuff goes in this blog? Everything really, it’s not a race diary or a diary at all actually… because for starters boys don’t have diaries. They have journals… This blog covers my thoughts and feelings on competition and will include all the trials and tribulations I encounter from “now” until “then”. As for the mission statement of Pridy & Blog, I think it’s pretty simple. I’d like to write this so when you read it, it’s like I’m telling you a story and not like you’re reading a newspaper. So forgive me if things run on sometimes, or thoughts only get half-finished.

There isn’t too much else to tell you, stay tuned for updates and I will do my best to keep you filled in as everything unfolds over the next many months.



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