Midsummers Blog

Alright, Hi! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you’ve been having an absolutely lovely summer wherever you are. How’s my summer going you ask? Let me give you the short of it; it’s been hot.

…kidding! There is more. Let’s see, so I arrived in Calgary for another summer of dryland training with the team and so far it’s been a great few months of pushing past old limits. Having a good group of hardworking guys to sweat, suffer, and improve with each day is an absolutely invaluable aspect to training out here. Only seeing the inside of a stuffy gym all the time will drive a person insane over time though, luckily I got a nice break from it all to go skiing in Mt Hood, Oregon.  In all seriousness this time, it really was hot and we’re talking sweatpants in Africa hot, not just pleasantly warm. So as you might imagine conditions were a bit challenging some of the days, but it was juuuuust good enough to get some solid work done. I did a lot of short turns and banged a lot of plastic over the week of skiing, and despite some real iffy… or be it slow runs I’m starting to feel much better about my tech skills.

On a side note for those who follow my skiing more closely, I wanted to talk shop real quick. As I mentioned above, Hood was a tech camp (GS and SL only with our WC technical team), and I ski primarily speed. Odd right? Yep, I thought so too but I’m working hard on improving technical aspects of my skiing and this was the perfect environment to do so. Next I will be re-joining the speed team in Chile and staying with them for a while to further my craft skiing the big turns.

Let’s see, what else exciting happened to me. Oh, well there was this one day where I woke up and decided I would catch up on watching some Game of Thrones. One of the little joys in life right… Wrong! It happed to be the episode where they pretty much kill all the sweet characters and then don’t have a happy ending. So needless to say I was a little rattled and kind of melancholy, but errands were calling and I had to go out and face the world anyways. I stop at a red light coming home, it turns green so I do what anyone would have done and press the accelerator, good move right? …Wrong! Transmission calls it a career, and instead of going quietly decides to take some, what were apparently important other parts with it. Now all the good characters in Game of Thrones are dead AND I’m in the middle of a crowded intersection pushing across the carcass of my car. Luckily I had Conrad to share my sorrows with that day. A week later though the rains came and Alberta experienced the worst flooding it had seen in century. All of a sudden my “bad day” seemed too trivial to even think about. Now I could sit and write for days about how Calgary responded to this crisis but it’s all been said before. What I will say is that very rarely have I ever felt so proud to be human, strangers helping strangers in ways that were so above and beyond the norm it completely surpassed extraordinary.

What’s next for this guy? Skiing now!! I arrived in Chile a couple days ago and hit the slopes as soon as possible. Not too much to report just yet other than I’m jacked to be skiing on my new equipment and am excited to see how this camp progresses. Right this minute its puking snow outside and looks a heck of a lot like winter, and I kinda like it. Forecast has blue bird days on the horizon too, so hopefully I’ll have some solid footage to put up and give you a look at what I’m doing on skis these days. Until then I’ve thrown up some photos of the summer, it’s not a ton but it should link the past months up a bit and I hope it gives you a sense of things in my world.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time.



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