Putting this season in the books


Where should I start? It’s the end of another year of racing and just like all the rest it’s been an incredibly unique and exciting experience for me. I visited many of the usual stops as well as a lot of new ones during my season long tour and together they shaped my year into what it was. Some places I wanted to have a complete do-over, others I wished I could have just skipped entirely, and then of course there were the times I wouldn’t trade for anything. Now, as I get to look back on it all I can see that if I didn’t have the times where I got my ass kicked I wouldn’t so easily have found the motivation or perspective I needed to improve and that without the bad days the good ones never could have felt so great. Anyways that’s the deepest opening I could manage so let me recap the last several weeks (if you were with me on tour or know already just skip ahead, I won’t be offended… too badly).

Oh dear, so I just looked back on where I brought you up to date on my last blog and it appears I’ve been slacking off… and it would also appear that this could take more than a couple sentences so get comfortable.

This is the story of my recent months, and it starts quite similarly to any other; I was once again boarding a plane and heading east. This time it would be for my seasons only two World Cup starts, both in downhill and both on awesome tracks: Garmish and Kvitfjell (Both are in my videos). I was  very excited as always, and nervous too. I felt ready to go and really put the screws to it, you know, send it hard and make some points. That didn’t happen… I made some silly mistakes that stifled my chances of putting down fast runs. It was sad times for Morgan, but it was also a turning point for me. I had gotten the wakeup call I needed and worked hard to reign in my focus and technical basics, and over the next week of training I began skiing better and better. The way I had imagined skiing before the World Cups… odd how it often takes small failures to breed future success, and odder still how easy it is to see it now compared to how tough it is to understand it at the time.

Skipping ahead through the set of mind-numbingly long travel days to get back to Canada, I will say briefly that it’s pretty darn hard not to feel epic and maybe a little emotional when you are always flying off into the sunset. It’s easy to get lost in some obscure thought while you stare into endless orangey clouds over the middle of nowhere. It’s the only part about being on a plane that I really enjoy. I mean the food is pretty good to though….

Anyways, let me set the mood, its Nor-am finals at Nakiska, there are two Super-G’s left. Beauty conditions for a race. I’m nervous, I have to win, I have bib one, and I’m nervous too. At least though my nerves weren’t about winning so much as they were about whether or not I would ski the way I had been in training. I push out of the start and then shortly after that I cross the finish line. Naturally being the only one to have come down the course I was wining, this was a relief. I held on for 29 more racers and got my first victory of the year! I also got the ball rolling and kept my good form for two more races, winning me the Nor-am Super-G and Super Combined titles! Happiness at last for a long hard season.

I’m now looking forward to some summer and time out of my boots spent in the sun. I want to wrap this up right and without sounding too man crushy, thank all of my teammates for making this a heck of a season. You guys are my family eight months of the year… some of you are my family all time. See you all in Calgary (yay) where it all starts over again.

Thanks for checking in,




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