Going back and forth.

It’s been a long while since I last updated my blog, and not for a lack of things to write about. It just didn’t happen, that’s my bad. But the New Year has been going on regardless, and it’s already nearing two months old. I’m happy about how it’s been going so far too. This bit of my story starts in Zurich, where naturally as soon as the plane landed the plans for training and racing started to change. But what would a Europe trip be though without having to freestyle things a bit? What was for certain though was that I would be racing four Europa-cup speed series in four weeks in four different countries. That’s more speed than I have gotten to race during entire past seasons. So needless to say I was kind of excited about it. Anyway, to keep this manageable I’ll leave out the incredible amounts of driving that took place and focus on the skiing. Stop number one was Wengen, Suisse. Luckily it was a shortened version of the track, but I still got to jump through the rocks and do all the parts that I’ve watched on TV so many times. It was tough slugging for me to put a whole run together, and the entire week I didn’t manage to get all the pieces in the right places. I did take one big thing away from it all though: for the first time, I won an EC split, and on the technical bottom half of the course. As cool as it was it is sort of meaningless in all ways but one: I now had proof on paper that I have the speed to win these races, and not just the feelings and hopes that I had carried with me from training.

Onto the next one: Hinterstoder, Österreich. It was a drag race—short and not really sweet—but also an important building block and a really good place to work on the basics.  There were some good parts but come the end of the week I simply just got out skied. It was a solid bit of training for the next series though, and the place we stayed had an amazing shower. Those were the positives. Val d’Isere, France. I had run the track the year before so there was no awkward “get to know each other” phase and on race day I skied my best DH run yet this year. It was my first EC top 5, and best moment of the trip! The final stop for me was a place called Sarntal, Italia… And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now with Europe in the rear view I had a really, really short one day turn around at home before the Apex Nor-ams. More speed (yay!) and a nice race to come home too. I skied well, I made mistakes, and most importantly I learned. So I call it a success so long as I put that into practice next chance I get. Not long ago now I got my ticket back to Europe, and with it some shots at a bigger stage. Now I sit with a nervy excitement and can hardly wait to get back at it. As always I hope to write again soon with good news and exclamation marks, but for now thanks for stopping by.



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