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After a loooong blogging hiatus I’m back at it! And, as you can see I’m doing it from a new site. Nothing against my old page but I like the looks of this one much better and there is way more I can do with it. So what else is new with the blog? Well, I’m going to try and use more paragraph breaks this time around. As much as I love writing one giant runaway train of thoughts it’ll be better this way. Other than that, pretty much nothing. I’ve got a few more pages attached to Blog 2.0, so check them out if you want because that’s where I will be posting my photos and videos from now on. I think that about covers it, please enjoy the new site and here’s the first chapter of my 2012/2013 season!

Catching Up.

Sooo… in my last post I said I would update you soon and the blog would be around for the summer… turns out that was a serious fib on my part. Its not that I didn’t try to put a few things down in writing either, it just occurred to me that writing about my days at the gym in Calgary was a bore, and that I didn’t have nearly enough female readers to make putting up pictures a worthwhile endeavour. I will give you a quick recap up to right now though, annnd I’ll do it in third person because it’s so much better that way.

–          April 17th Morgan enjoys a few days off after a long season

–          April 25th Morgan locks up a lease in Calgary and now its game on for training

–          May 5th ish… Morgan pulls the exploder into Calgary, calls it home for now and puts on his runners

–          May 10th Morgan goes to the gym

–          August 1st Morgan finally escapes from the gym and trades his runners for ski boots

–          August 4th ish… Morgan heads to Zermatt for a month on snow. Morgan takes pictures of the Matterhorn and learns to ski a little better

–          September 3rd Morgan returns to Calgary and puts his runners back on (sigh)

–          September 21st Morgan finally returns to Whistler!

–          October 3rd Morgan leaves on a jet plane for Hintertux

–          October 23rd Morgan comes home from a very GS oriented camp.

And that sums up the entire summer. Now I am back in Whistler for a very short break, one just long enough to run my clothes through the wash before having to pack them up and head out again. This time when I get back on snow though I will be skiing to earn World Cup starts and podiums at the rest of the races. I guess you could argue that I’m always skiing for those things, but at this time of year I find the impact of each day’s performances weigh heavier than in the summer. Not in a bad way of course, things just start to feel more exciting the closer I get to race season.

Although my season doesn’t start for a little while, some of my teammates are already suiting up for race day at the World Cup opener. This year we have Young Trev debuting, Dustin racing in his third Soelden appearance, and JP our veteran. I know they’ve all got what it takes to ski into the point and better so best of luck boys, I can’t wait to watch!

I think that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the new blog! I’ll actually be putting up updates on the reg now so check back soon. Bye for now



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