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All the blog posts from last year are here. This is a look back at the 2011/2012 season. A view of my thoughts and perspectives on skiing, and the things that go hand in hand with it.

Intermission: Sitting in transition

Here I am. My boots are off and for now I’m glad about it. Not because I get sore feet, or because I would like them to be warm for just a little while or anything like that. I’m happy because for now it’s the time of year where I go out and do other things; I take some time for myself, I wander around… pretty much aimlessly aaaand then, well and then it hits me that I wish I was skiing instead. I realise that I need a hit, something to get me through until the snow flies again. So I do what I can to subdue the feeling of longing and relentless craving I have to put my skis back on the snow and get going again, and going fast.

Luckily in my case there are powers that be, and they have a great plan laid out to curb my addiction for skiing, if only for a while. The solution is to move to Calgary… Yes, I know what you are thinking, why in the world would people make you move to a place that makes you want to shoot yourself? And I’m not talking about in the foot either. The answer is; because a barren waste land is the perfect environment to train in… okay, I’m kidding. It’s not as bad as I make it out to be, it’s just hard to leave the best place on earth for the big city especially when I’m home so seldom to begin with (whistlerites know exactly what I’m talking about).

Anyways, back on topic and in so many words. Training in Calgary for the summer, you can’t put a price on team atmosphere when it comes to working hard. As for how this fits into my “skiing is crack” metaphor, imagine a drug not quite as good as…. You know what, let me stop right there and start that rant over. Okay. As for how this fits into my “skiing is like your favorite food” metaphor, imagine your second favorite food (the gym for those not following closely) and eating it all the time. It’s great, and you enjoy it, but it’s not your favorite. So when you are finally offered your fav, you jump at the opportunity and it’s never tasted so good. That’s what the summer is to me, a series of enjoyable meals that have been placed between me and the winter time. I’m hoping I didn’t lose anyone.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for following me through the ups and downs of race season. The Blog will be around for the summer, so until next time.



Chapter Sixteen: Norway and unseasonable temperatures

Although I don’t think of myself as a writer, I am one who writes and by that logic I am susceptible to writers block. Another way to phrase it could be I am susceptible to procrastination but I like to think of it as a simple inability to write on command. Since I last spoke with you a lot of things have happened and a lot of days have passed by. I’ll start from the top and you can take a trip with me through the last few weeks. Let’s begin with that World Cup start. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the intricacies of downhill racing I’ll give you a quick run down. Before the actual race the whole field has to have at least one training run down the track, it is a race simulation but the results are essentially meaningless, so that’s where my story will pick up. On my first time down the track I had a whole set of thoughts running through my head, yes I was stoked, yes I was nervous, yes I was amped, but one thing was on the front of my mind: How will this part run? Will I go huge off that jump? Is that turn gnarly? A set of questions concerning how I will make it to the bottom and in what condition I will arrive there. Not so much fear, because I signed up for this, it’s what I want to do, but more the sense of not knowing and at the same time knowing there is only one way to find out. Anyways it turned out, that part ran fast, I went massive on the jump, and the turn I was thinking about… it really was gnarly. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Come race day I finally felt like I was racing “just another race”. It was a good head space and I am happy how it turned out, I left Norway feeling like I had taken a step in the right direction. That covers the Norway section of the title… sadly I still have to get to the Unseasonal temperatures part…

Just over a week after arriving, Norway took a break from exporting fish and shipped me to eastern Canada for what I thought would be National champs. Turns out I thought wrong… really wrong. The sun came out and it brought its friends; rain, thunder, lightning, mist, and clouds. Now apparently they had a bit of a falling out with Cold temperatures because it’s nowhere to be found and to give you an idea of what that means, we are losing 30 centimeters of snow a day. So despite the relentless work of our volunteers and coaches that bordered on the insane, our hopes of racing speed melted away into the Saint Laurence. This means two things, well no that’s not accurate. This means a whole bunch of things but only a few worth mentioning. One and two are that Erik and my big brother Conrad both earned Nor-am titles and world cup spots! Big big ups to them! The other things that it means are that downhill is finished for the year, leaving me a little shy of my goals and a little uncertain of future endeavours. I wanted very badly to put it on the line this week and finish on my own terms and it hits me right in the heart I won’t be able to. But this is an outdoor sport; there are so many aspects that are out of my control it would be immature to get pissed about it. I’ve taken a moment to let it go, there are a whole lot of races left for me this season so I will only be looking forward and put everything I have into each start.

I’m having trouble loading the footage at the moment, but videos will be up in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by and following my story as it unfolds.


Chapter Fifteen: Good times and guest appearances

Home at last! Sitting in snowy Whistler and enjoying a little rest before preparing for the next leg of my journey. This is only going to be a short one, there isn’t a whole lot to say and I don’t even have any sweet pictures to attach to this chapter. Firstly I want to wish speedy recoveries to Andy, Phil, and Erik. The three of them crashed out on podium worthy runs last week while pushing the limits. From what I hear they will be back soon and skiing fast again. I’m excited to have the team back in action. Secondly to wrap up the trip, Aspen had plenty of ups and downs. Like literally I went up the chair and down the mountain a whole bunch of times… yeah fine… I guess that statement could have a metaphorical meaning too… a meaning along the lines of each day was a rollercoaster of expectations and results. Dealing with the hopes and thoughts that creep into your head when you know you have a shot to do something great and then when it doesn’t turn out how you pictured. I started the downhills on a high, my roller coaster was on the way up and I thought the ride was going to be amazing. Despite what the training results say, I was the fastest person to make the whole course, something that I had never done before. I am used to doing training and planning on being fastest by race day, not being fastest and then slowly going insane inside my own head thinking about being able to win… then thinking about not thinking about it… then thinking about getting my head back in the game…but not so much that I over think it. So you see how it’s a tricky position to be in for the first time? It’s also tricky because from that point on being anything but first come race day seems less than stellar, and when I crossed the line outside the top five, my heart broke… then moments later I did the mature thing and destroyed my poles… and moments after that I did the safest thing I could think of and whipped the helmet I would be wearing all week into a ditch. Now on a side note you pretty much will always look like a tool when you have to go pick up the equipment you just threw everywhere during a tantrum in the finish area. So if given the chance I would avoid it all together. From that point though, in a way, the pressure was off and I could start to rebuild and do the work I needed to be faster. Come the third day I did what I could and only thought about my game, the things I could control in order to make it happen. With a clear head I find it easier to have a run flow together. I reached for the finish without expectations, instead I had hopes, and I mean I always have hopes for it to go well but it was just that. I saw my bro and the boys before I looked for the time and I saw what any racer wants to see. Not the shrug or the “what happened to you” look, but smiles and celebrating. It wasn’t a win but it felt like one. The short of this whole story is that I skied myself into a spot at the next World Cup in Norway! I’ll be a first timer there and I’m stoked to get the opportunity to race it. Thanks for sharing that little moment with me and I’ll be writing again from overseas.

Thanks for stopping by



Chapter fourteen: Finding an easy way out

It may come off as an immature way to look at a crappy day, but when you step back and look at the bigger picture it makes a little more sense. Right now my bigger picture isn’t so bad; it’s a far cry from a masterpiece that’s for sure, I mean I don’t expect a call from the Louvre anytime soon. What I have right now, what my big picture is, is like art that your kid drew back in preschool. If you don’t have kids then think of it like one of your pictures that used to be on the fridge. It might not look like much but you will have an appreciation for it despite what anyone else thinks. So that’s what I’ve got so far, the potential to do much better things. Putting all the metaphors aside what I have is a good series in Vail under my belt and something to actually build off. Today I planned to keep the wheels rolling and start putting some momentum on my side; of course things didn’t really go to plan… Okay, writing “of course” makes is sound like a pre-determined fate but what I mean is if every day went to plan I would never lose, but then again, no one would ever lose so it’s hard to be mad when it’s the same for everyone. Anyways, things not going to plan mean I skied pretty freaking bad. Tippy and then my brain switched off for a while and then when I came around it was wayyyy to late. So those are the things I want to forget, those are the things I can live without and definitely the things I don’t need floating in my head. It’s like a bad pitch… so what, I hit a batter… I still have 99 more before the games through. The rest of these days have been full of the things I need to remember, all the things that make me fast. So the thought in telling you this is that it’s all down on paper and therefore out of my head… I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it works but I’m trusting that it will help.

Well vimeo is being a bit of a pain right now, so all I have for you is this gem of Erik and Phil doing a lovely duet on the piano, I would suggest cranking the volume. I think it’s better loud. http://vimeo.com/36581533

Alright, race footage is to follow. Thanks for stopping by


Chapter Thirteen: A nothing blog from C.O.

Felt like writing but I really don’t have much to say, and I try not to speak if the only reason is to hear my own voice. I suppose this isn’t exactly speaking though so I don’t think it counts… I was going to write a “training diary” and describe in full the details of my days on snow but it seemed tedious just thinking about it. The skiing is going well, in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. Some days the progress is much slower than I would like and other days I need to remind myself to think technically about how to go faster and stop from just wishing it to be. Calm trumps aggravated in my case, so that’s another challenge to deal with daily. Not like being agro and hating the world and like kicking kittens or anything, more along the lines of keeping things in perspective and looking at it from the point of view where I will get the most out of it. Beyond that Colorado is pretty darn great… I know, that’s a few words away from saying “golly this trip sure is a blast, real nifty” but come on, if you’ve been here you know what I’m talking about. If you have not been here on the other hand it’s pretty much sunshine and blue skies, the water is sweet, puppies roam the country side, and everyone is polite. Well… okay no, that’s terribly misleading, but it actually is nice, especially from a skier’s point of view. The only quarrel I have is that it’s all sooo high up here. I mean you land in the mile high city and then drive UP to the mountains. I’m not exactly one for wheezing but I do my fair share of it here, the first few days always make me feel obese… stairs are challenging and I find myself breathing heavy when I am sitting watching movies (trust me I am much quieter if I have company, for those of you who found the heavy breathing comment creepy). Yeah, so on that note I think I’ll leave you for now.

Races are coming up at the end of the week, and they will last for the rest of this trip, so future blogs will have more of a subject. Until then here are a few links for those who want to see some of my turns.

http://vimeo.com/36117774 – Thats some GS training here in Loveland

http://vimeo.com/36117954 – annnnnd this, this is the end of a long slalom day, it might not seem like it, but it was a good day. Heres hoping you get a chuckle out of it.


Chapter Twelve: Question

This one’s been a long time coming because it’s not like I’ve had nothing to write about, I just haven’t written anything down is all. All the things about this trip that were noteworthy are still up in my head, but they get a little scrambled as the time goes by and have ended up being a jumbled mess that is increasingly hard to write down. Luckily for me I actually have pictures this time around so I think they will do just fine for most of the details. Moving on, I have been a little stuck the last few days on the last races of my trip. Not because they were awesome and I can’t stop thinking about how amazing I am, but because I’m not happy with them, with them and with myself. Now before I get into this whole thing I’ve been looking back and a lot of my blogs are about keeping my head up, or toughing it out and doing what I can to move forward. And this is okay because I’m writing about things I believe in doing, but I don’t want anyone to get the misconception that I just battle every day to no avail and that’s it. I go out and enjoy it and make it down a lot of times feeling great about the skiing, but it’s the times I struggle that I write about because putting it down on paper is just as much for me as it is for anyone reading it. It is a way I can debrief and organize my thoughts so the next day I am better. I don’t think there is any reason to over complicate things when they are coming easy to me so instead I try to find ways to take apart and reassemble the aspects I am having trouble with. So back to the start, I mulled the last two starts over in my head and came out with a question. How badly do I have to get beat before I end up beating myself? I don’t just mean beat by the competition, but by weather or illness or any factor outside of my control. What I came up with was that the moment I allow any of those things to influence how I go about the day and the plan I have in my head then I have already taken away the chance I had to perform my very best. For example if I look at a day with terrible weather and tell myself how bad it is instead of finding a way to adapt I will never be able to overcome it, it will continue to be an obstacle slowing me down. That brings me back to the last few days of racing. I had a lot of things in my head, an assortment of crap that I should have pushed out; instead it stayed there and left no room for the focus and determination I wanted to approach the races with. In short I didn’t do myself any favours those days and slimmed down my chances for a result. There was an upside though, these races ended up being the tough, terrible, painful days that make me want to get back to work and push harder than ever so they don’t happen again. It showed a little of what I need to do in order to really be good at this, and for that reason I will always accept those days as a part of my season.

I hope you enjoyed this one. The next stop for me is Colorado and speed week in Aspen. Looking to park some arcs and put all the things i’ve learned into practice. Next chapter should be coming to you from south of the border, Thanks for stopping by.



Chapter Eleven: Celebrate all small victories

Boots are off, skis are strapped and packed, and I am home. It was a very… interesting way to finish the year, from a ski racing point of view at least. I’m calling it “interesting” because I think it’s the word that suits it best; I mean I could easily have used words like Brutal or, a Grind, but that’s not the way I want to look at it. Not the way I want to look at it anymore I should say because yeah, that’s how I spent a good chunk of the past few weeks seeing it. Just a rough, harsh, crappy reality that I was stuck in and I forgot to take it in stride, the good with the bad, and definitely did not find the silver lining. I’d have to say the biggest reason would be that my silver lining never seemed so shiny when the guys were putting gold around their necks… jealousy? Needing a reality check? A firm slap upside the head? Yes, yes, and…probably. Now looking to the title, I didn’t just have an epiphany one morning and boom, make a realization. It wasn’t some song playing on my ipod that gave me inspiration either, nor did I jolt awake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat just knowing. What happened is that I spent a lot of time listening to people around me give me support, and I realized that they were telling the truth. A year in ski racing is made up of more bad days than good ones and more importantly the bad ones will disappear into nothing while the good ones will last and last until they get overshadowed by something just a little bit better. It also made me think that every year has rough patches, and the key is that I had to actually think hard about it because come spring series all that’s left are the memories of the good times. This all leads into the fact that I have started to celebrate the small victories when they come my way; taking the little personal wins and setting aside a moment of inwards celebration for them. Nothing crazy, no extreme fist pumps or touchdown dances but a bit of a reserved “well done Morgan”.

I will be suiting up again in the New Year and this time racing overseas, thanks for stopping by. Hoping you all have an amazing holidays, all the best from me to you.



Chapter ten: I fell in love with a girl

So here is what’s happening, a long time ago back then I was still only yeigh tall (feel free to make the hand gesture somewhere around the height of your waist…unless you are really short or really tall, if so adjust accordingly) anyways, back in the day I fell head over heals for this girl named skiing. She was great, absolutely amazing actually. All I wanted to do was go up the hill and hang out with her, and when the weekend ended I still thought about her constantly and wondered when I would see here again. Maybe Thursday or Friday if I was lucky, but whenever if was I couldn’t be more happy to ski again. I’m sure this story sounds familiar to a lot of you but bear with me. Years went by and I grew up… well… okay I got older anyways and skiing was there by my side all the way. Soon I found that there were things about her that I loved more than others, not that I disliked anything but there were traits I found myself drawn to. At first it was the speed and remember I was still young so the exact thought that was going through my head was I get to go as fast as I can, there would be no boundaries. Now it came to my attention that I needed to be doing something more with this urge, not just straight lining the ski out each day. I also liked competition, so two and two together and boom, I was a ski racer. Trust me, I am going somewhere with this. I wont lie, I loved the feeling of winning and it was something that only her, only skiing could provide for me, and that was the point I gave her my heart, fully and completely. I wrote that all because I want to give you an idea of how I feel about this sport, and I made skiing a “her” because a dude couldn’t break my heart one day and make it all better the next. Mind you, so far this has been one of the longest fights I’ve had with skiing, its been weeks and she has yet to show me any love back, but I go out every day anyways and do everything I can to make her take me back. Now this blog really hasn’t filled you in on how the season has gone…so ill give you the short of it. It could definitely be going better… a lot better. I am now at the point where I need to get some redemption and honestly until I do I won’t be able to move on, and it’s a little silly because even though I’ve had more bad races than I care to count, just one result makes it all good again. So all I am looking for is two runs, one after the other that I can be proud of. A race I can hold onto and know I gave it everything. My quest for this starts tomorrow, and will continue until I’m successful, plain and simple.

Thanks again for stopping by


Chapter nine: Using it all, keeping focused

Alright, well. Things have not gone to plan thus far, and looking back at it I think it has a lot to do with myself not having a plan. I’m not saying I just went out there and shut my eyes blindly hoping for the best, but I certainly didn’t go out these last days with a clear mission in mind. I pushed out of the start four days in a row, eight runs and thought more about the final goal, the finish line, and the points even instead of the process. Ultimately this left me without the points, results, and a few times without actually reaching the finish line, so although this was a rough week it came with an important lesson for me. Moving forward I need to make a game plan, keep my focus as I do in training and still find the extra little edge that separates race day from all the other ones. Beyond that it was very good to get the first starts of the season out of the way; I find it makes the rest of them run a lot smoother. That takes care of “keeping focused” and hopefully gave you a little insight into just what happened, and just in case you are more into visuals ill toss up a photo or twelve. That leaves me with the first part of the title still. Okay so imagine yourself in any sport, or doing anything you care about for that matter and it doesn’t go well. You get left with that feeling, disappointment maybe or anger, or sadness, or a sense of unfinished business perhaps, and if it’s something you love you might get left with all of those things combined. I could easily mope the days away, but I aim to take those things, be it from personal or professional parts of my life and use them as fuel. Something to feed the fire until I get back that feeling that keeps me doing what I’m doing. Alright so, I didn’t mean to get all emo there but each chapter has to be inspired by something and as much as I want things to always be awesome I have to take a break every now and then and make sure to save some awesome for later.

Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me for this one…and if you just scrolled down to see the pictures after the first line that’s alright too.


Chapter eight: Searching for ignition

When I left you last I was Colorado bound and heading to my season opening races. Since then I have successfully made it to Colorado…which really wasn’t that tough and, I have kicked off the year with two slaloms…these on the other hand could not have been tougher. Well I guess they could have been more of a challenge technically, but it would have had to involve wrestling a bear or something. I could go on for ages and complain about how hard life is, but let’s get real here, racing isn’t all daisies and I knew that going in. So now I am turning my focus to turns that are a little bigger and looking to find the spark I need to ignite my season.

So, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of separate paragraphs; it’s not exactly my style. I like keeping it as one run on thought, or at least a jumble of ideas all in a row. Today however I’ve broken up the blog into two sections, the reason being that I didn’t finish it last night and with another day under my belt it wouldn’t be right to leave it out. Anyways, I’m still here and still battling as best I can but it was one of those days where things didn’t come together. Of course this is not the result I am looking for and not exactly what I like blogging about, but it can’t always be good times…no matter how much I want it to be. The summary of my day was good turns followed by bad tactics, and then sending it riiiiiight out of the course. Usually I am the first person to drop f-bombs and break a pole or twenty but I was kind of just sad more the choked so I didn’t make a scene. Then when I got back to the hotel I took it all out on a small bit of wood by throwing it into the ground as hard as I could… yeah I know, very mature. Sometimes it’s the little things though that make the day a tiny bit better. Tomorrow I get another chance to put the pedal down and I think it’s about time I do it.

Thanks for following my progression through the year, i’ll post some more ski related photos next time, probably mostly of me, but hey its my blog so I can do that.

until next time,


Chapter seven: Stepping into the freezer

I have now journeyed from fireside at Nakiska over to…well fireside at Panorama. It turns out that I like to blog somewhere warm and comfortable, who knew. But based on the title of this chapter it clearly hasn’t been all warm fuzzy times, it’s been classic freezing Pano… Yes, I am being a tad over dramatic, its not thaaat bad but I thought it deserved to be noted. Moving on, I am still making my final preparations for racing and today I had a session of battle against slalom. It actually inspired me to write this chapter, that and I have photos piled up the yang that need to be seen or they will be outdated fast. So let me get this off my chest, battle resumed early this morning and I say resumed because this has been going on since I strapped on those little sticks way back when. It was a beat down. All I want is a healthy relationship with Slalom, something loving, but right now it’s not even making eye contact. Tomorrow I will be strapping on the armor and getting back at it, because what Slalom doesn’t know is that I never gave up on it, and I’m going to grind this one out until I get a victory. Assuming I survive tomorrow the countdown will continue, it’s now at five more days of training before I test my metal down in Colorado.

I hope you are enjoying my story so far, the next chapter will be written states side and with the races in mind.


Chapter six: Tune ups and an engine check

Today I am writing you from lovely Nakiska, Alberta. Well actually to be more precise I am writing you from a cozy fireside arm chair in the Delta, which just so happens to be located in Nakiska. Now that that’s cleared up let me get on with it. So far training has been great, it’s felt awesome getting back up to speed and having some wind in my face again. This camp… or maybe it’s easier to just say this month is dedicated to the final tune up before its time to race. Honing of skills, improving technique, taming any bad habits that still remain, anyway you want to put it, that’s what’s going on right up to race day. And to be honest it doesn’t stop when the bibs go on, but let’s leave it there because getting into that is a whole other thing completely. Along with being tune up time it’s also when I turn the key, fire up the engines and start to put the pedal to the floor. Even though I’m working to charge every run I personally think it will take until race day to hit top speed and really see how much I can push before the bolts start to come loose. Anyways, please do me a solid and forgive the analogies. From this point forward the future is still unknown and I’ll just have to wait for it to play out, but what I do know is that I’m excited to race and starting to feel ready.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.


Chapter five: The between time


Chapter four: Bound for home

The sun returned at last, and even though it took its sweet time to get here I was happy as could be and stoked to start our three day Super-G block with the speed team. My impressions of the track were that it would be flat and easy, but after the longest T-bar ride ever it became apparent that there would be some challenges including snow that was…questionable at best. The day got my heart pumping though and was a good intro back to speed. My skiing and the conditions improved each day, in short I felt more like a ski racer and less like I was going to explode somewhere down the course. Being back on the hill made the days fly by and before I knew it I was looking at the last three days of potential skiing, I say potential because there was a big mother of a storm lurking somewhere on the horizon. GS kicked off no problem, and then slalom the next day and theeeeen that storm we heard about decided to drop by. It wasn’t nearly as bad as people had said but the 30 cm rule was in full effect putting an early end to our camp.

So to give you the most vague summary I can, I went skiing, there were good times and bad times, fast runs and slow ones, improvement and frustrations, and then we did some other stuff too. I’ll check back soon.


Chapter three: inanity

Picking up where I left off, weather had come in and there was snow in abundance. I had hoped to write how it was just a little storm and the snow had been traded for sun again…but no such luck. It turned out that the storm was actually fricking huge and treated us to four days of gnarly wind and every kind of precipitation you can name, I’m pretty sure there were even some kinds that they don’t have a name for yet. Needless to say when you make me, and all the boys for that matter sit inside and NOT ski we start to get a little nutty. Let me get the dictionary out and express too you just how bad its gotten, because let’s be honest, I’ve got the time. “Insanity” is when you repeat the same actions but expect different results. Now think about that as I let you know how the days have gone this week. First I wake up and right off the bat I lie to myself… I say, Morgan, it’s nice out there, you’re going skiing. Next I stand in the lift line and keep myself from being trampled to death. Now I am up the gondola and in the lodge, boots are on then, the pin is pulled on the day and I return to the hotel to continue perfecting cabin fever. Night comes and I repeat. There are some plusses though, the company has been great and at the very least we are all going crazy together as a team.

Sorry for dragging on about nothing, I’ll skip to the silver lining. I’m pretty darn sure we will ski some Super tomorrow and the days to follow are looking brighter as well. Keep your fingers crossed until next time.



Chapter two: Sun, Snow, and the time between

I have arrived and put my feet down in Europe at last. It took cars, busses, planes, escalators, elevators, luggage carts, trolleys, and when I had no other option my own boots to get me here but at last the travel is done. Luckily for me I got myself so tuckered that my body forgot all about jet lag and the transition was smooth as can be. The days started to blur together the moment they started and now a good few have past. During them I saw a whole lot of bluebird and sunshine, perfect tanning weather and for those of us in ski gear, perfect goggle tanning weather. In my hopes to keep this blog running smoothly I will keep the endless talk of explaining each and every run to a bare minimum. Unless of course it’s just the best run ever, then I might ramble on a while. For now I’ll say, my work on confident parallel skiing is coming along, my “French frying” is getting faster each day. That takes care of the sun, but I also mentioned snow in the title and that’s for good reason because as far as I can tell, the ice age has started. Snow is uuurry were. The storm has claimed a day of skiing but is providing the much needed base for the speed track so let’s count this one as a win. Enough with the talk for now, the time between is below.

Thanks for checking in, i’ll make sure to get some action shots to follow but for now thats a wrap, singing off.


Chapter one: Departures, Gate A2 3

And so it begins, my first of many blog entries. Apparently starting is the hardest part, especially when you are writing without any idea or thought in your head of what you want to put down, but pencil is on paper so to speak and here she goes. I am, at this very moment sitting in the departures section of YYC people watching and waiting. Neither of which is going all to well, it seems that the interesting people are always looking when I try to take a picture, so thats been going no where. As for the waiting, I’ll give you some advice, never, ever, show up to an airport 7 hours before your flight, enough said. Carrying on, this is sort of the mission statement for Pridy&Blog. What I would like to do is use this forum to show pictures, videos, and whatever else I come across to whoever is taking the time to read this. Part two will be to share my thoughts, experiences, stories, and what happens to be on my mind at the time. Prior to this, I tried for many days to phsyc myself up and get a Twitter account, but it just never happened, I thought hey that stuffs #tootapped anyways and I like the idea of putting photos up because really, who wants to read when they can take in the images and be done with it. Speaking of which,

Now chapter one comes to an end with me sitting in bed at the base of Hintertux. Tomorrow skiing begins full swing and nothing would please me more than to get back on the slopes. Chapter two to follow shortly, just as soon as it writes itself.



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